By Bruce Eaton

No it’s not the kind that you can scratch on; the i360 iMac Turntable is actually a lazy susan for your new G5, Intel Core Duo iMacs and 20 and 23inch Apple Cinema Displays. Once installed, this very handy item allows full 360 degree rotation of your monitor, allowing easy access to the connectors on the back or, say, to show a friend a new item on OhGizmo! (hint, hint). There is even a mini picture frame, so you can decorate it with the included icons or make your own.

Apparently very heavy, this is good to insure that your new $3k computer will be firmly anchored down despite whirling around. $39.90 gets you the white version (iMac Intel Core Duo & G5) and $44.90 for the aluminum version (Apple Cinema Display).

[i360 iMac Turntable] VIA [iPresents]

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