Disc-Stakka_4I have a DVD collection. About 80 of them that I keep in a binder. It’s useful, really, but not exactly pratical. See, each time I want one, I have to get off my ass and walk over to the binder and… look for it! Now, if only there was a way to automate the process…

Well, there is. Meet the Disk Stakka. A truly wonderful, surpringsingly scalable disk management solution. Each unit can hold up to 100 CDs or DVDs. It connects to your computer via USB and software allows you to keep track of exactly what you have. Then,

Built in connectors allow you to stack units up to five high to create a tower that holds up to 500 discs without requiring additional cabling or desk space. And (this is where it gets fun) you can connect over 100 of these towers using powered USB hubs to control over 500 units — that’s over 50,000 discs — all from a single computer!

Mathematical Parenthetical

50 000 DVDs at 4.7Gb each makes 235 000Gb. That, my friends, is 235 terabytes (!!), all accessible from one computer.

The only thing it wont do is actually read the data for you. It’ll just eject the proper disk “within seconds”. But, this is still pretty darn cool, if not cheap. Each unit (not tower) is 149$.

Check it out.