Katsuya Matsumura Custom Anime Case Mods


Are you really into anime and also have a thing for case mods? Get in touch with Katsuya Matsumura then, because $1000 to $3000 of your shiny dollars will buy you a one of a kind, custom made anime computer case.

The one featured on the picture for instance is called the ERN002-PC, aka “Maya” and contains a VIA C3 1GHz Nehemiah, with 512Mb of RAM and a Maxtor 120Gb HDD.

You should really visit the website. There’s a bunch of pictures and step by stepses. On the left sidebar, there’s even a link for an English version. Because you knew this was Japanese, right?

Story VIA Popgadget.

Update: Ugh… The termites must have already eaten most of my brain away. This is like 73 years old or something! My apoplectic apologies.