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Back at the start of July OCZ unveiled its Core series of SSDs that addressed one of the largest complaints about SSD drives—the price. While the Core Series SSDs are still more expensive than traditional HDDs of much higher capacity, the Core SSDs are downright cheap compared to other SSDs.

The first benchmarks for the Core Series 64GB SSD from OCZ have surfaced over at Laptop Magazine. Laptop put the SSD through some synthetic tests and the Core series did well in most tests against much more expensive SSDs and traditional HDDs.

Laptop says that SiSoft Sandra shows the Core SSD had a read rate of 112.4MBps and a seek time of 1ms. Boot time improvements with the SSD or any other SSD compared to a normal HDD were slight. The Core SSD was able to write a 5GB file in 3 minutes and 59 seconds compared to 2 minutes and 19 seconds for a more expensive Samsung SSD and 4 minutes and 40 seconds for a standard WD Scorpio Blue 250GB HDD.

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