SpeedChargerSo let’s see…. How many battery dependant something or others do I own? Remote controls (one for the TV, the DVD, the satellite), digital camera, camcorder, waterproof shower radio… Man! The battery business is a good one to be in. With so many batteries around, it would stand to reason that you’d want to get some of the rechargeable kind. Enter the Mach1 Fusion.

This little beast charges just about anything. And faster. It has patented NeoTherm2™ technology (I love those cockamamie names) that allows it to monitor and condition the battery as it charges, never allowing it to overheat and supposedly extending battery life up to five times.

It’ll take pretty much anything rated between 3.6V-7.4V. It comes with three adapter plates (for Canon and Sony digital cameras and camcorders). More plates are available for a wide range of devices for about 5.95$ MSRP. The charger itself should retail at about 99.95$.

Visit their website.