floating bed

By David Ponce

It’s the second time today that we look at a piece of furniture that’s made by the Dutch. This one, however, kicks some serious butt.

Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars spent the last six years working on the development of a magnetic floating bed. A scale model of it was presented at the Millionaire Faire (I’m getting this from a very confusing Babel translation, so anyone, please chime in) recently. The bed simply floats in the air, above magnets, can carry up to 900 kilos and is held in place through four very thin tethers.

Of course, owning the ultimate babe magnet (Get it?) will not come cheap: the scale model alone costs 115,000 euros, while the real deal is expected to cost as much as 1,200,000 euros.

[Magnetic Floating Bed] VIA [The Raw Feed]

Update: More info on this bed’s been dug up. There is a website, UniverseArchitecture (click on “Floating Bed”). There are more pictures and also the claim that through the use of “steel plates and air”, magnetic forces are greatly reduced where not needed, allegedly making it safe for your electronics, credit cards, etc.


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  1. How it will affect our body ?
    And what about the mobil phones, wi-fi systems, bleutooth gadgets, … ?

    I hope this kind of “studies” is not the only goal of its creator : it’s funny to sleep on a 1,200,000 euros bed when childrens die of hunger in the streets !

    Is it real design ? is it real life ?

  2. Magnetic Floating Bed- Float your way to better health…

    The technology begins to blend into everyday life. Finally, it begins to show up in the least expected places, even pervasively imbedded in everyday objects. A fanatical Dutch inventor has created a dramatically expensive and impractical floating magn…

  3. “I hope this kind of ?studies? is not the only goal of its creator : it?s funny to sleep on a 1,200,000 euros bed when childrens die of hunger in the streets !”

    A million euros will not get those government removed, but it will at least buy you a bed. I say that’s a good deal.

  4. Magnetic Floating Bed: Oh. Your. God….

    Every so often, we like to take a look at things whose functionality isn’t measured in gigabytes or megabangs, but instead just look amazing. This magnetic floating bed, I submit, may be among the coolest things we’ve ever covered. Designed……

  5. Quietscht nicht!…

    Wie geil extravagant ist das denn bitte? Ein schwebendes Bett?! In der Luft gehalten durch extrastarke Magnetfelder. Ich kann mir nicht helfen, das Bett hat was. Um es mit den Worten meiner Freundin zu sagen: “Da kann man ohne Ende drauf herumh&…

  6. Una cama flotante…

    Una cama que flota gracias a unos poderosos imanes a un metro del suelo. Dise?ada por el arquitecto holand?s Janjaap Ruijssenaars cuesta la insignificante suma de 1.5 millones de d?lares. :-s
    Fuente: Engadget (Espa?ol) / Gizmodo (Espa?ol) / Oh…

  7. If it flipped over would you be pinned to the floor (or your mistress) by the strength of the magnets? Better keep those tethers taught! It looks like the sentinal from 2001 – A Space Odyssey.

  8. Ever thought about the risk of cancer caused by strong electromagnetic fields? 😉

    Schon mal ?ber die Krebsgefahr durch starke elektro-magnetische Felder nachgedacht?

  9. Hi, I am an editor from Space magazine in China.and we are all very impressed by the magnetic floating bed ,so we want to report the news to Chinese readers too. but I can’t find the designer’s website or the big photo of it .If you are available ,can you help me with it ? hopefully to get the big and clear pics about the bed which resolution must be more than 5M and 300pdi .
    thank you so much .
    Grace Chung

  10. Magnetic Floating Bed…

    Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars in collaboration with Bakker Magnetics have developed the Magenetic Floating Bed, a bed that floats in the air, above magnets. The bed is able to carry up to 900 kilos and is held in place through four very thin tether…

  11. Floating bed pumps up your animal magnetism…

    Waterbeds are so out of style, and the rotating, cheetah-print, heart-shaped mattress hasn’t impressed any ladies in any time period, past or present. This floating bed, however, is pretty……

  12. Amazing technology. Regardless the price, I believe that, just like electricity and phones, there will come a time when this technology becomes cheap and available, not only restricted to the elite, and again just like electricity and phones, it will definetly change the look of the world.

    I hope I witness this beneficial change.

  13. Well, let’s blue sky this a little. What we have here is a prototype of a very old idea – a flying carpet. Okay, we’ll have to thin it out and figure out navigation, and also find a way to have the magnets track along with it, so, perhaps, you have a truck with the magnets driving along the highway and you and your beloved are floating above it- hopefully a good distance – perhaps 60 feet? Of course, you’re limited to wherever the truck goes unless – got it – you have a laptop with you with a remote control to drive the truck.
    But it will have to be a non-ferrous laptop.
    Perhaps it could be kerosene-powered?
    And you’ve have to have a backup system for when the truck goes under an overpass – perhaps gliderwings.
    O ye cynical people, this could be the starting point of our long awaited flying car.

  14. stupid invention.what if i tip it slightly to the left will it fly off the magnets. by the way how is it balanced? ive never been able to do this with little maggies.i declare hoax

  15. Doesn’t Earnshaw’s theorem kick in and guarantees that it is unstable? To get around this, this must have some active components in it, or a large amount of paramagnetic material.

  16. Uh, it got an electro-magnet underneath, and is held in place by wires? Why is that worth a million?

    First off you can build an electromagnet that powerful for about $4,000 (probably much less) and wire costs about $15 for industrial grade fiber wire.

    Total cost should be under $15,000 MAX!

  17. You guys worry about a magnetic bed causing cancer. By now, eating lettuce causes cancer due to the chemicals they’re sprayed with. Having children causes cancer and breathing causes cancer. Get over it. 🙂

  18. The manuafacturer claims that the bed uses neodymium (NdFeB)magnets in the floor and the bed. These magnets are expensive, but still don’t justify the $1.5m price. Since it doesn’t appear to use diamagnetic material for passive stability, I’m guessing those tethers are the only thing keeping the bed from flipping over. If I was going to design a floating bed, I wouldn’t use any tethers so you could move your bed around at will. No flying carpet here. Sounds like a practical joke or a toy for the filthy rich.

  19. More info, interesting but a bit awkwardly phrased, taken from http://www.universearchicture.com:

    Floating Bed – 2001 A Spaed Oddity

    design 1999
    construction 2006

    design team:
    Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture)
    in collaboration with Bakker Magnetics (with special thanks to Maarten de Bekker, Marco van der Avoort, Henry van de Ven, Shunli Zhang en Joep Spithoven) and Ronald Wisse from Visual Data.

    awarded sponsoring by stichting SOFA Den Haag (stichting ter bevordering van het bijzondere meubel); several publications and world premier shown at Millionaire Fair Kortrijk Belgium (june 2006) and 100% design Rotterdam (june 2006).

    In contrast to conventional furniture which falls towards the earth, Floating Bed falls towards the sky.
    The history of architecture and design is, to a large extend, embedded in the struggle with gravity. When excepting the architecture in microgravity, off the earth, gravitational force is a psychological starting point for all architects constructing.
    The goal in this project was to make a usable artefact of respectable size that doesn?t have gravity but another force as it?s image dictating starting point, namely magnetism.
    The shown object here can be seen as the captured form used by Stanley Kubrick in the 1968 movie ?2001: A Space Odyssey?.
    The monolith, as Stanley Kubrick and science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke suggest, must have been made by other powers than those responsable for the usually circular planetary bodies and other more liberal forms, such as organisms. The rectangle as a metaphor for the existence of intelligent life.
    The object is held up 40 cm by a permanent magnetic force due to the use of neodymium (NdFeB) elements in the floor as well as in the object. Thin steel cables assure it?s position and the smart use of steel plates and air make the object userfriendly by strongly decreasing the magnetic force where it?s not necessary.
    Different possible uses such as a bed, sofa, Japanese dining table, display for objects or as base for a floating pavilion can be thought of since the artefact can carry a load of 900 kg.
    The shown scale model is at scale 1:5 and also for sale.
    The concept with all possible functions, products and images are registered and protected by it?s designer Ruijssenaars.

  20. Okay, let me post my comments, first off any magnet can really fuck with are system so why own one, two, it looks like a flat piece of shit, I like my bed to be stiff but I do need something of a padding to land on, and last is why spend money for a down fall by dumb asses that think its “cool” to float in air, surely they just need the magnetic bed flipped and like it crush them like a bowl of jell-o.

  21. The bed is held down by four strong cables…in non-magnetic beds, we call these “legs”. With “legs”, we can move the bed to wherever we want without having to have neoflimidiumcarbideburetor underneath it. “Legs” were invented many thousands of years ago, either by primordial slime or God. Taker your pick.

  22. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about… A magnetic field holding an object in the air.. I think they should weakin the field until it lands on the floor… I guess I don’t care what they do.. I will never be able to buy one.

  23. the only people that can afford this fucking bed is bill gates, the walmart brothers and oprah…honestly this is a brilliant idea, wayy to pricey, and i rather go to bed not worrying about my credit cards fucking up cause of the bed, the dutch tried again haha 🙂

  24. Yes, it certainly is amazing. According to the specs it would ( if ever built ) hover 40cm above the floor and carry 900kg load.

    Ummmm . . . Has anyone done the maths ? The magnets would have to be the kind of strength that run MRI machines and more ( ummmm . . . say x 10 > 100 ).

    Could it be that all that actually exists are some computer renderings ( i.e. ?artists impressions? of ?what it might look like if it ever could be built? ? like the one above ) and a fifth-scale model ( presumably hovers 8cm ? i.e. feasible ).

    I?m not sure about the magnets, but the power of the press-release should never be underestimated.

  25. I agree with the individual who made the comment about, “children dying of hunger”, and we do nothing but waste valuable money to do what? Make a bed that only the Super Rich can afford. That’s an absolute shame.

  26. I like it. It’s a very interesting concept, indeed. Although not entirely new. The design, however, is uber-modern and even a little sexy. Of course, I’d worry about the reprucussions of such strong magnetic fields contained in a single area for such a length of time. Notwithstanding, props are undoubtedly due to the designer/architect for this.

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  28. Hmm…this is a strange idea for something to sleep on, personally I’ll take the classic wooden/metal bed frame with mattress over a magnetic bed that costs more than I’ll make in my life-time.

  29. Hello I am Michael D Bennett when I first heard about your ideal I was upset untell I saw your product then I was releved. I thought someone had stole my ideal. Your product is alright but it is not a bed. It is a nice piece of furniture at best.My ideal is original in design I had my ideal reserced to see if there was one like it out there. There was none. I am going to search for a interested party that would like to hear my ideal. Now if your interested in hearing my ideal you will have to sign a none disclousure form which will be noterized and signed by two witnesses at the county court house then a copy of the noterized none disclosure form will be sent certified letter to my address. The oregenal Copy will stored at court house.

  30. Regardless of the price, Do U guys notice the potential of this “invention”??

    This magnetism-idea is something I ve been thought about since I was just a child, and eventually some designers from Dutch, with the crazy mind like me, invented an awesome thing like this!!!

    Not only the floating bed, I believe the company is now developing more concepts using the same tech.

    Running power tread with free tread~
    Magnetic-chain mail to form random shapes~

  31. Sorry about prevous comment ,but when I saw a floating bed i thought it was

    After i read your comments I was torn.

    I do beleive this a new break in magnetic tech.

    But it is stupid these people aren’t worried about a starving child’s life so much as looking cool.

    But hey what do I know im only in high school!

  32. I had the honor to spent some days with JJ and he is a perfect guy. Not after money but a person who is interested in greations to make the people understand that the world is moving on in time. But most off all he is a great man.

  33. do you people know anyting about magnets ? I would say you all are from USA, at least your IQ number is. Electric magnet is dangerous, but not nature magnet, we find this all over the world, in different kind of materials, earth is one hughe magnet, what do you think how compas works ? this is simple magnet and does not work on electricity. It is safe, but i don’t understand the price, and what it’s usage, if he would made it hover without strings holding it to ground, that would be really great, but this way ? anyone cn make this bed, buy alot of magnets, concate them together, put on ssoma large plate, attach string on them and floor, and voila, finished. this is stupid creation, and useless. lol, jake, inkvisition— and sorry for my bad english, it’s my like 5th language or something.

  34. can i know ,according to what exact principle it works?can u give a very clear view of what material u have used in this?can we make skate board which floates and moves?

  35. wow…I have a really good idea…you could put a metal thing on the end of your penis so you never go flacid…you would please your wife for hours!

  36. wow, it would rip the nails outta the floor, then shatter some NeoDymium, then become unstable, and kill the top 3 floors of whatever building he’s on. I’ve tested the fields for my 1/8 x 1/4 cylinders. I can affect compass’s from 3 feet. to align so many of such strong magnets, you would have to house them in some super rigid platform, else they will repel themselves due to alike poles and throw one corner magnet out to the side until it flips and kills someone.

    Extended magnetism would probibly make you crazy, take all the metals out of your body through the skin, probibly give you ITP (search wiki) and make that broken bone metal plate discomforting. I don’t care how cool it looks, it’s unbelievably unpractical, any for of paramagnetic material is going to fly at it.

    As for the earth being a large magnet so these are safe for you…… how much gauss is in your living room right now…… multiply that by about 1,000,000,000^99999 and sleep on it. due to your chemical make-up and the processes which take place in your body (digesting, producing urine and inceline, filtering your blood). Somewhere along the line your going to slip molecules, your going to start bleeding from the inside, disintegrate your organs, but probibly just destroy your nervous system first. Magnetism can be safe in smaller doses. Thats why electromagnets are dangerous….. they’re stronger… we made them that way BUT we can turn off electromagnets. your dust will settle and never some off, if you lose your jeans…. you lose the button/zipper/belt forever.

    so, enough about the bad things.

    I like the design, it’s very upper-class, the idea of floating on a bed with wierd amounts of tension would probibly be bad for the spine, but so are water beds.

    Someone should put a big weight on one side(closest to window) cut the tethers at the same time (blasting cord?) and watch that thing flip out the window, crash into the street (if it doesn’t kill the structure of the building) and erase wall street.

  37. hi you take amagnet at a junk yard one that is electrict that picks up cars or any steel flip the polarity a round so instead of picking you are pushing the object away now take the letter u the shape of it now widen it now you have a cradel for a person to sleep in it now you need a suit for the person to wear or a blanket to sleep on ether has to be on or under the person and it has to be of a flexable material magnet now the electricalmagnetical waves that are produced are controled by a plus nob that increases the pulaity acording to the persons weight . now if you cant figure this out then you dont have any reason to gripe whith all the tecnolagythat we have nothing is imposible take the tv its oreginal designewas for telaportation and that was in the 1900s what do you think they have now the wind up flashlight was given by my dad to matel toy company in the 70s because some one was going to steel it iam a truck driver and ideals come to me going down the road and in my sleep.juct like the boomarang freezby thta was also a dream i should have acted on it now wamoo toy com has it what iam trying to say is ideals are money and to think i was going to approch shune o grady the ex pro boxer in oklahoma city at his bed company but never did thke this info and run whith it have fun

  38. 1,200,000 euros for this magnetic “floating” bed? lol I could use that money for a house, oh well, spend some on a charity, etc and to think of it, it's not at all floating because it is under a magnetic field. you can consider that it's still NOT floating because of that 😀