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Mapion Local Search: Just Point And Learn

gps cellphone directory serviceBy David Ponce

What happens when you combine a cellphone, a GPS module, a compass and an Internet connection? A kickass service from American GeoVector and Japanese CyberMap Japan (aka Mapion), sadly only available in Japan. It’s called “Mapion Local Search”, and allows you to get detailed information about any of 700,000 businesses simply by pointing your cellphone at them. The GPS determines where you are, the compass where you’re pointing; the service digests this information, and spits back useful info about the business in question.

It’s initially being launched on KDDI’s network, and will be available for download to users with the Sony Ericsson W21S. Other models will be added later in the year. The service is free for now, though the companies are planning on adding a premium version soon, with more detailed maps, and more POIs.

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