Mathias Bengsston Erosion Chair


By David Ponce

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a laser and 254 cut and glued plywood layers. Designer Mathias Bengsston says:

This arm chair explores the process of sculpting a 3-D form to produce furniture from a stack of flat sheets.

The form is modeled by hand then digitized by a computer, then sliced. The resulting shape of each slice is mapped onto an aluminum, corrugated cardboard or plywood sheet, which is cut accordingly. When the stack is re-assembled, a chair is formed, looking like a kind of symmetrical erosion.

Right, so, of course, no price or anything. Check out the website again, here. Story VIA Inhabitat.


  1. So someone decided to make a chair out of the same process as the 3D Puzzles that you stack pieces of cardboard huh?

    I just hope that they do come glued together as it states and you don’t have to assemble them. Would make an interesting puzzle though.