Free Microsoft anti-spyware softwareYou know what they say, “When it’s free, it tastes better!” Indeed it does and this time, it’s anti-spyware software from none other than Microsoft. About time something from them comes for free.

Now, there is a catch. It will only install on machines with a genuine Windows. They will check and give you the boot if your Windows is not kosher. Now that makes me wonder… why do such a thing? Shouldn’t anti-spyware software be free altogether? Clean OS or not? I mean, isn’t the reason it’s so easy for some spyware to get cosy in my machine because Microsoft made it so darn easy for people to use it’s OS without knowing what they’re doing? You know them… clicking away willy-nilly, installing God Knows What and the kitchen sink all over the system. And you know, someone should be held accountable for such recklessness. Who better than Microsoft.

So I say, make it free and available to all. The world will be a better place for it.

Check it out.