By Shane McGlaun

We talked earlier about pricing for Windows 7 now that its launch is getting closer. The OS will debut in October, which is only months away. Many are expecting great things out of Windows 7 and it better deliver where Vista failed.

Microsoft says that anyone who buys a Vista equipped PC starting on June 26 will be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 7 for free. The catch is that only certain versions of Vista are eligible for upgrade. That means if you buy a cheap computer running Vista Basic, you get no upgrade.

Microsoft will be putting 50% of sales into the upgrade program coffers and expects to put in as much as $300 million. Upgradable versions of Vista include Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate. They will be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Pro, and Windows 7 Ultimate respectively.

[ Microsoft ]


  1. How is that fair? So, since I bought my new notebook 2 months ago, I don't qualify for the upgrade? What a load of shit that is!

    I'm gonna get that upgrade, just watch me!…..Who am I even talking to? Seems I blanked out there in my rage.