Neon Click

By David Edney

Well, these aren’t Legos by any stretch of the word, but the principle is the same and represent a leap in sign-making innovation that should have been made eons ago. International Robotics has created individual letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols that connect together just like Legos. They all are encased in fire resistant plastic casings that connect together to spell whatever your heart desires. After you choose your phrase, you connect it to a special power source and you have a low-voltage, recyclable, neon-sign which lasts for 10,000 hours. That’s a pretty good life for these neon letters, and a good bang-for-the-buck being that they cost less than $5 for a block and $30 for the power cord. The blocks are all connected in parallel so if one goes out the others still work. Of course, this sound fine and dandy until you decide to annoy the crap out of all your customers by alternating colors on each letter, as they are available in various sizes and come in blue, green, and pink.

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