By David Ponce

It’s not the first time I post about something that uses your home’s electric wiring to transmit data. Last time it was the Microlink dLAN Ethernet Adaptor. The point of that one was to stream music to far-off rooms of your home. But really, there’s no reason to stop there. Why just music?

I’m sure this isn’t anything new to some, but, should you want to setup a home network and don’t want to be bothered to run Cat 5 cable all over the house (and your walls are made of, say, lead, so wireless is out of the question), then Netgear’s XE104 might be an option. You plug it into a socket and then use any one of the four available ports. It’ll transmit data up to 85Mbps.

It’s $100 at the Netgear website. Story VIA Ubergizmo.


  1. I am currently using 14 XE102s for business and home situations and they are just great. I personally hate wireless, too hard to tune, phone’s messing it up, massive packet loss, and general unreliability. The XE102 works great! Speeds are OK ranging from 3 Mbps to 10 Mbps. They are not really fast enough to stream video, and I never get 14 Mbps but they are great for sharing my DSL internet connection it’s only 1.5 Mbps anyhow.

    I’m very excited get one of these new 85 Mbps models, although I doubt I will really see 85 Mbps.