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OLED Keyboard Update, A Chat with the Creator

Most of us, internet geeks, creamed our pants yesterday at the news of a revolutionary, fully reconfigurable keyboard with embedded OLED screens on each key. And all we did was say: “Great! Awesome! I want one! Wonderful, I gotta go cleanup, now!”

Instead, the guys at Primotechnology did something useful and got in touch with Artemy Lebedv, the creator of this new object of lust for a quick online interview.

Go here for a full transcript. There’s isn’t a whole lot, but enough to let you know if this will ever see the light of day, and how, and how much and such…

Okay, okay. I’ll just tell you.

Out in about a year. Cost at least $200, maybe even $300. Not OS specific. The case will be aluminum. USB 2.0, maybe Firewire.

Story VIA Primotech.