By Jennifer DeLeo

The four-legged 8-inch “Pleo” robotic dinosaur has oversized eyes, a toothy grin and short, pudgy legs and body. He’ll be virtually covered and stuffed with high-technology including a soft-polymer-based skin that cover a series of pressure sensors, infrared in the head to “see’ objects and avoid edges, a potentiometer in its belly, force-feedback sensors in its toes, one 16-bit CPU and a series of 8-bit chips, 14 servo motors and 40 sensors.

Designed by a new company called Ugobe, executives explain that this is a robot designed to create a roughly three-year relationship with the end users, where the robot will evolve overtime. Ugobe plans on releasing this sub-$200 personal “Life Forms” robot in the third quarter of this year.

[Ugobe] VIA [PC Mag]