podzinger logoBy David Ponce

Yesterday, we showed you Blinkx, a video searching site that allows you to search videos according to their descriptions and associated tags, and to display the results in an embeddable wall of thumbnailed clips. It looks slick. However, Blinkx is not the only video search site around, and though it looks like it got hit by the ugly stick a couple times, Podzinger just might have a little bit more functionality. Instead of limiting your search to how a video’s been tagged, the company’s speech-to-text technology analyzes everything that’s said in a given video and allows you to search the resulting text. Not only that, but the results display the search words highlighted and clickable; doing so takes you to the exact spot on the clip when the word is spoken.

In a trial of Holiday Gadget, the technology proved to be solid, and it kind of scares us to see such accuracy in speech recognition. Still, it’s a step in the right direction, whatever that means.

[ Podzinger ] Thanks, Jasmine!