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Psile Media Silent PC

psile media

By David Ponce

We’ve said it before, a number of times, and we’ll say it again: unless a product is truly, completely innovative and groundbreaking, the way it looks counts for a whole bunch. Take the iPod for instance; feature-wise, it doesn’t offer anything that isn’t matched or bested by almost every other DAP on the market, but it’s still got market lead because it looks slick (according to many) and is considered a style icon. But of course, no one really cares what we think. So, let’s just talk about the Psile Media Silent PC from CoolTechPC. It’s a media center PC whose main claim to fame is the way it looks. Sure, it’s got decent specs: under the hood you’ve got Wi-Fi, DVR capabilities, wireless keyboard and mouse, Intel Core Duo processor at 1.83GHz, a 320GB HD and up to 2GB RAM. It’s even completely quiet, using a fanless copper CPU cooler and an external fanless power supply to keep the noise down, which is nice if you’re going to be keeping this in your living room. But that’s the point really: it looks pretty freaking slick. And at $1,700, it’s a made-to-order PC we wouldn’t mind displaying proudly pretty much anywhere in the home.

[Product Page] VIA [Crunchgear]