rado v10k
Yup. You got that. It’s the world’s hardest, most completely indestructible watch. It can only be scratched by another diamond.

It’s pretty, and it’s 5000$. Only the watch face is adamantine (Vocabularial Parenthetical: adamantine’s an adjective derived from the word diamond); the straps are, as Rado says, “caoutchouc”, otherwise known as rubber. I’m sure you’ll also be happy to know that at that price, it also comes with 2 whole years of warranty.

Still, let me tell you, that’ll be something to show off at the country club.

To find out about the specifics of this latest bit of technological wizardry,

To put it simply, Rado uses a revolutionary technological process to accelerate the natural growth process of genuine nanocrystalline diamond particles. This highly complex process is the result of years of research conducted by specialists in nanotechnology together with Rado engineers, and comprises the following, spectacular sequence of events.

The polished hardmetal watch components, which give the case of the V10K its unmistakable form, is covered with nanocrystalline diamond particles (sized 10 nm = 0.00001 mm). Then, the components are placed into a coating furnace in which there is an atmosphere similar to that of the planet Jupiter. Various reactions in this atmosphere create elementary carbon which forms itself around the diamond particles, thus increasing their size. This CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process results in the diamond crystals gradually growing over the whole surface of the watch components, coating them with a homogenous, protective, 100% diamond shield that fulfills Rado’s demanding requirements of function and aesthetics and gives the V10K the scratchproofness of genuine diamond.

Via Gizmodo.

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