neuros recorder 2 plusBy David Ponce

Ho, ho and all that stuff. The time of giving is near, and we’ve got plenty of stuff in store for you all. Andrew’s doing something (he’ll tell you soon, as some of you may already know), and I’m going to be doing something as well. I won’t say what, just yet, but to whet your appetite, allow me to give away a brand new Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, valued at $129. For those of you who don’t know what it is, let me tell you.

It’s basically a little VCR that will convert your video signal into a variety of formats so you can play them back on pretty much any device: PSP, iPod, smartphones, you name it. Just plug your TV (or whatever video source) in, insert your memory, choose your settings (based on where you want to play the stuff back) and record.

And, since we’re feeling nice, we’re going to make it really easy for you to get one. Just leave a comment, with your email address so we can contact you (don’t worry about privacy, just read our policy on this). You can say whatever you want; we’re not saying how we’re going to choose a winner. Either randomly, or based on the funniest, smartest, stupidest comment. Not sure. We’ll be tyrannical about this, and will let you know eventually. But what’s for sure is you won’t win if you don’t comment.

And that’s it folks. You have until Monday, November 27th, to leave a comment.


  1. My mom always told me if it looks to good to be true it probably is. Prove her wrong 😉

    This would be a nice thing to have to fill up my device with content while I’m laid up after my hernia operation. Did I mention I’m going into debt over this.

  2. I truly enjoy your blog and read it on a daily basis. A giveaway is a really nice bonus! Many thanks to all the OhGizmo crew. And yes, I know that kissing ass will not increase my chances of winning. Now, just between you, me, and the fencepost, you’re gonna give it to me, right?

  3. You?ve got me, being the cheap bastard i am i love free stuff! Seems like a pretty cool toy too, since im always at work when my favorite shows/movies are on.

    Btw. Im a dutch guy living in Mexico, so probably due to import and shipping costs i would magically be excluded from the competition. No worries though, just wanted to let you guys know i enjoy reading your blog every day, keep it up.

  4. I know whatever can be said. That I don’t know how the winner is going to be selected. And that it might be based on the funniest, smartest or stupidest comment. So keeping that in mind I say “E=mc2”. That covers the smartest part. The comment in whole is pretty stupid. So that covers that. And I guess I for one find it funny. And if something else turns out to be the criteria, like Edison said: “I have not failed. I have successfully discovered twelve thousand ideas (or, a comment) that don’t (or, won’t) work.”

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  6. Your web site is pretty cool. Except I don’t like it when you guys post about condoms or post nasty pictures that really bugs me. But other wise I rate your blog 4 out of 5. About the give away I don’t have an ipod or psp which is kinda funny that I’m even posting at all. But I might as well tell the truth.

  7. I like free stuff, especially cool, techie, vaguely nerdy rich-guy stuff. But, alas, I’m not rich or nerdy . . . alright, I’m nerdy. Did I mention, I like free stuff? Oh, and if I win, I’m not going to use it primarily for porn. Thanks for your consideration. If you’re giving away stuff like this for thanksgiving, I can’t wait for christmas/chanuka/kwanza/festivus! P.S. your blog kicks a$$!

  8. oh and by the way, i have a joke.

    3 laywers and 3 engineers ere going to a conference. They where going to take a train to get there. The lawyers bought three tickets as normal. The engineers only bought one. The lawyers were confused and annoyed, they asked the engineers how they would get on the train. The engineers told them to watch and learn. When they got on the train all the engineers piled into a toilet. When the conducter came past and knocked on the door asking for the tickets, one of them put their hand out with the ticket. The other two traveled for free.

    The lawyers liked this idea and they told the engineers they would try it on the way back. The engineers said fine, but they had a new trick. The lawyers bought 1 ticket and the engineers bought none! The lawyers asked what they where going to do and they replied again, watch and learn. When the train started all the lawyer pilled into the toilet and waited for the ticket conductor to come. The engineers walked up to the toilet door, knocked, and said; “tickets please”


  9. Oh please pic me!

    I’m not very good at kissing ass. I’m rather unattractive. There is a slight odor that follows me. I have no friends. My dog ran away. I’m incontinent.

    This could really be the chance to change me into a WINNER!!!

  10. Three men were traveling and happened to meet at a bar in Ohio. One man was from Michigan, one from Florida and one from Brooklyn.

    They got acquainted and started talking about their problems with their wives. The guy from Michigan began by saying: “I told my wife in no uncertain terms that from now on she would have to do her own cooking. Well – the first day after I told her, I saw nothing. The second day I saw nothing. But on the third day when I came home from work, the table was set, a wonderful dinner was prepared with wine and even dessert.”

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    The fellow from Brooklyn sat up straight on the bar stool, pushed out his chest and said: “I gave my wife a stern look and told her, that from now
    on she would have to do the cooking, shopping and housecleaning. Well – the first day I saw nothing. The second day I still saw nothing. But on the third day, I could see a little bit out of my left eye …”

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week…

  11. Well, first of all i have to apollogise. Sorry for this beeing my first comment on you site. I read it in a daily basis and i find the news very interesting and the humour is a must. As for the prize, it would be great to win it. I have tons of vhs tapes that i would love to save to files. That said, thanks a lot for the news and a big hello from Portugal.

  12. Just give it to me. I’m not pressing to the Refresh-Button every 30 seconds, but i like OhGizmo! Because it shows my every day, how many cool things are out there i cannot effort.

    Btw.: Give it to my! Pleeeasse 😉

  13. You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a valley and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you. In front of you is a galloping pig which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it. Behind you is a helicopter flying at ground level. Both the giant pig and the helicopter are also traveling at the same speed as you.

    What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?

    ‘Answer: Get off the children’s “Merry-Go-Round”, you’re pissed.

  14. Well let me see, I herd a joke today so, why not?

    there are two newly weds. The guy comes home from work, and see’s his house all clean and spotless, the dinner table set, and his wife all dressed up. He says, wow, whats the accasion? Its not your birthday, is it? No, she replies, its our anaversary! She is so mad that she makes him sleep in the living room. She says, “the only way you can sleep in here with me, is if in the morning I see something in our driveway that can go from 0 to 300 in under 5 seconds.” So the next morning, she remembers what she said, looks outside and see’s a box sitting in the driveway. She goes and gets it, opens it up, and finds a scale inside.

    The Husband is so confused as to why she still wont let him sleep in his room.

    haha but yeah.

  15. I like it, i like it good. But something tells my squirrel might be more fun than this 😮
    You do realise my squirrel is the best thing that happened to this planet since Atom ant himself 🙂

  16. I can’t think of a funny or goofy comment, however your site has become one that I visit as often as it is updated. I really look forward the gadgets and stuff showcased on this site. Keep it up!

  17. Hey guysmy email is [email protected] and I think you should give it to me because I waited all night for a PS3 only to be Fourth in a Three PS3 line. Yep one more and I’d be happy. Please give my psp and me something to be happy about….
    I waited 18 hours for my ps3 without using the bathroom!!! My Dad said I should have Shat myself and then I would have first in line for sure! LOL Dad’s…

  18. I’m NEUROTIC for the Neuros Recorder 2 Plus!
    I’m also Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs!!!

    Please give it to me! 😀
    All work and no play makes Dave go something something…

    Go Crazy? Don’t mind if I do!

  19. *in a nerdy tone* Guys! I’m so original. I’m going post “42” as my submission to the contest. No one else would ever think of it and it’s *sooo* funny and I’ll win for sure. Someone get me my cloak and we can play more D&D while we eat cheetos and drink mountain dew. Damn I’m cool.

  20. I am a sucker for contests… Maybe a joke will help me win… “Why don’t Smokey the Bear and his wife have any kids? —- Because every time she gets hot he beats her with a shovel…”

    Thanks for the opportunity…

  21. I once had to take care of a flatulent lemur… Have you ever heard one of them let rip? It sounds like a cross between a humming bird and a woodpecker… Quite a unique experience.

  22. hi, i noticed you were giving away “Neuros Recorder 2 Plus,” I cant say ive ever considered myself the type of person to own such a gadget. But, i will take it and possibly even use it one day if you decide to give it to me. I don’t own any cassette tapes, but maybe id buy some if I had this device. Also, I live in Japan, so you’ll have to spring for some extra postage. thanks for you consideration and your site rocks!

    “Nets don’t kill fish, I kill fish”

  23. a comment
    OK I left a comment for you. Is this OK? I love this site and have wanted one of these ever since you posted it on the site. I read the site often and really enjoy it. Thanks for a c hance at this and keep up the good work. Your site RAWKS!

  24. You like me. You know you want me.
    I’m down like the cat’s meow.
    I’m dig like no one’s buisness.

    It’s ok, you can say it.
    I love you too spanky.

    input “ohgizmo,” spanky
    Print “Spanky”
    Print spanky “, I’d like to make a little deal with you. Sell me your soul, and I’ll give you ALL the frosted mini-wheats you can handle”

  26. Ciao Carissimo!
    Tanto bella questa piccola cosa.!Soltanto voglio scoltare ,vedere tutti quello VHS stancato ,dimenticato a la mia casa ,dopo dieci anni!
    Tante Grazie per la informazione OhGizmo et AVANTI!:-)

  27. HELP A FREEZING CANADIAN OUT EH! I can’t even buy one cause they don’t ship outside of U. S. Thanks for making my life easier (or is it poorer?) in finding all this stuff, so I don’t have to.

  28. Happy Black Friday, all! (Especially to my fellow sufferers in a retail environment–Have some pity for those poor sould behind the counter today, will you?)

  29. Yeah, that’s really my e-mail address. Yeah, that’s really my name. Yeah, if you give me this cool gadgetry widget (forgive the metasyntactic variable), I might give you an address at my domain (-:

  30. Hey Guys,

    You are the one website that I count on daily to provide my procrastination needs! 🙂 Whether it’s during a boring class or at 4am while pulling an all-nighter I can count on your site to provide me with my daily dose of tech knowledge and cool gadgets! Thanks for the hard work!

  31. And, since we?re feeling nice, we?re going to make it really easy for you to get one. Just leave a comment, with your email address so we can contact you (don?t worry about privacy, just read our policy on this). You can say whatever you want; we?re not saying how we?re going to choose a winner. Either randomly, or based on the funniest, smartest, stupidest comment. Not sure. We?ll be tyrannical about this, and will let you know eventually. But what?s for sure is you won?t win if you don?t comment

  32. Pick me because I have hi-res pictures of you, me, Salma Hayek and Maggie the Hockey prognosticating monkey from TSN together in Kyrgyzstan during the Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast celebration.

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  34. I wonder how it matches up against the ADS InstantVideo To-Go. Granted, this is a direct feed recording device, while the ADS is an accelerated transcoder for the PC, but the resulting quality of videos would be nice to compare.