rapidbox For those of you not in the know, there’s this great company called Skype that allows you to make phone calls with your computer. It’s free software, and the calls too are free… as long as the user you’re calling also uses Skype software. Apparently, some fancy algorythm actually increases the usually poor quality of the calls. If you plan to call a landline though… well, then who cares since it’s not free anymore. They claim it’s cheap but they lost me at the “it’s not free” part.

Whatever the case, they’re making quite a buzz and now another company has come out with a router you can use with Skype. The company is called rapidVoIP and the router a rapidbox, and it allows you to connect your regular phone to it so you can make calls, either PC to PC, or with SkypoeOut (the not-free option) to a landline. The cool part is that both regular phone calls and Skype phone calls can be made with the same phone. Just press * to switch modes. It even has another jack so you can plug in a fax as well.

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