Rotundus roving robotThis one comes from Sweeden, where newly formed company Rotundus has an interesting prototype of a ball-shaped roving robot. Originally desgined with planet (as in, not ours) exploration in mind, there are plans now to market the robot for security purposes.

The final version will boast internal GPS, wide angle cameras transmitting footage back to a controller and maybe even radar so it can detect obstacles autonomously. Apparently, the spherical design makes it more robust than other robots and less prone to get stuck in corners.

There are serious problems though, such as not being able to handle stairs. Maybe then, it’s destined to roam around outside your property, making funny swirly tracks in the snow…

Then again, I can’t imagine that it does anything more than what you could do by attaching a camera to your dog’s head. And that, you could manage for probably much less.

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