By Ryan Nill

The Secure IronKey Flash drive was designed to meet excruciating protection standards. It uses military-grade AES hardware-based encryption and something called an IronKey Cryptochip.

The encryption keys are stored inside the drive and your password (personal or assigned, I wonder) in conjunction with the keys are required to access them. After ten consecutive failed password attempts, the IronKey self-destructs (no, not literally) and destroys everything on the drive. The data is completely unrecoverable.

Also included is the ability to log on to the company website and access a program which turns Firefox into a secure stealth surfing application. And the inside of the key is filled with what appears to be black goo, waterproofing and preventing hardware crypto-analysis.

$79 for 1GB, 2GB for $109 or a 4GB drive for $149.

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