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Slinky Chair Is Called FlexibleLove 16, Seats 16, Costs An Arm

flexible love 16

By David Ponce

A while ago we showed you a video of a slinky bench that was made of “bunch of interlocking two dimensional chairs that can accordion out to whatever length you want, slinky style.” Some of you wrote in to inquire where to purchase the thing, and at the time we had no idea. Well, as it turns out, we’ve stumbled across some more information concerning this clever chair. It’s called the FlexibleLove 16 Folding Chair, weighs 25 lbs, supports weights of up to 1920kgs(4224 LB) and is “made wholly from recycled paper and wood products, and is produced using pre-existing manufacturing processes in order to reduce their overall impact on the environment.” It’s called that way because it sits between 1 and 16 people depending on the configuration.

This sort of ingenuity doesn’t come cheap. The chair, which is currently sold out, sells for a whopping $800, and will only come in stock in March. You are of course, free to pre-order now. For those of you who missed it the first time around, come inside for a bunch of pictures and the video.

flexible love 16

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