smartcarpetSeems the little Roomba/Scooba guys aren’t as efficient as we think they are. The way they work, see, is by tracing random paths along your living room, until they’ve supposedly covered everything. Problem is, seems they can miss spots and wont really know it.

Well, if you buy a special carpet, and a special vacuum from companies Vorwerk in Hamlin, and Infineon in Munich, Germany, new technology will ensure that every little dust speck has been properly sucked away. The carpet is embedded with RFID chips, and the bot uses this information to know exactly where it’s been. If it misses a spot, for whatever reason (say, the baby got in the way), it will know this and come back to it later.

Seems nifty enough. Check it out at the Discovery Channel. Story VIA Gizmonews.


  1. SmartCarpet Roomba Killer

    Foreign companies Vorwerk and Infineon are furthering the process of making Americans lazier. Research into the popular robot vacuum, Roomba, is showing the inefficiency of being able to cover all parts of the carpet. These foreigners are developing a …

  2. Um what! Buy a carpet? Just make a vacuum with memory, you vacuum once and it remembers the path. Could probably do it with Dyson and some Legos.

  3. I sell RFID chips, and you don’t need to buy the carpet with rfid chips imbedded. for less an a few cents each, you can do it yourself. The only thing you’ll need is a RFID scanner/encoder to see what is on the carpet and how to program the RFID.