sooloos music management

By David Ponce

Perhaps the best known music management system for the home is from Sonos, though it seems they’re not the only kids on the block. If you got the greens, Sooloos is here to please. They offer much the same thing Sonos does, but essentially supercharge the experience. You get to store your collection in noiseless convection cooled RAID type servers that come in 1, 2 and 3 TB versions, with the option to link storage units to provide additional capacity. This gives you the ability to store lossless digital versions of your music. Then you’re able to distribute this music in up to 32 different zones, and control it via a master 17 inch touchscreen, and any number of smaller 7 inch remotes. But here’s the twist: they offer to send the system pre-loaded for you.

Your Sooloos system is customized to include your existing CD library, with cover art, credits, genres, moods, song picks and album reviews.

This means that should you wish to spend an extra couple thousand dollars loading the thing up with music as you place your order, they’ll be kind enough to rip the CDs for you, and send you the originals along with the rest. And, what’s an extra couple thousand when a basic one-zone system starts at $12,000?

[The Sooloos Music System] VIA [SciFi Tech]