By Shane McGlaun

If you are a movie fan, you know that the Star Trek film is set to launch this week. This should be one of the coolest films of the summer. At first, I didn’t like Sylar from Heroes as Spock, but with those crazy eyebrows, the dude makes a good Spock.

If you want to see the movie on opening weekend, you had better buy your tickets now. According to Fandango, the movie has sold out in more than 100 theater times around the country. The online ticket seller says that ticket sales for Star Trek alone make up 81% of its daily sales.

Of all sci-fi fans, I think that Star Trek fans may be the geekiest. Fandango polled 4,000 movie fans and found that 10% of them plan to show up at the theater in some sort of costume. A full 83% of those surveyed plan to see the film opening weekend and as you might expect, most of the people wanting to see the movie are guys (67% to be exact).

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