Tennis Ball Bracelet


By David Ponce

You know, the nice thing about having a website, is you get to talk about whatever the hell you feel like. No one tells you what to do. For instance, I have the freedom to tell you about something so useless you’d be hardpressed to recycle it even as a paperweight. Yet, it looks somewhat interesting, and as a result, gets to be talked about right here.

It’s billed as a bracelet, and it’s a simple cross-section of a tennis ball. That’s it. It’s made by this German dude, Elke Munkert, a self confessed schmuck (?). He seems to have a healthy obsession with objects made out of tennis balls. If you’re into that sort of thing, you might want to visit his website here. Story VIA Designspotter.


  1. You definitely need a german translater^^
    First of all, Elke is a female name (yes, hard to believe, but check the photo again), and second, schmuck is the german word for jewelry…