Qwerty? Who the hell needs qwerty? Never mind that you’ve been typing this way forever. Forget the fact that this 130 year old layout is now seared in your mind as clearly as the imprint on some cow’s ass. Free yourself from the qwerty shackles and embrace this new revolutionary layout. It’ll double your typing speed and hug you to sleep!

At least, so say the people behind the abKey (uh, only the first part actually). See, it’s a new ergonomic keyboard that simply does away with the traditional key layout. Instead, the most commonly used keys are grouped together, supposedly increasing your efficiency. And, well, that crazy idea might actually be a good one. I’ll tell you why.

The current keyboard layout was patented in 1878. In those days, typewriters had little hammers called typebars. Those tangled easily, so Christopher Sholes and friends placed the most commonly used keys as far apart of each other as possible and patented the result. Of course, now, that layout’s become obsolete, so our little Singaporian friends seem to have decided to bring about a revolution, $110 at a time.

Yeah, yeah, that’s what I mean. That keyboard, not even wireless, goes for over $100! Sure it’s ergonomic, but well, hey, I guess at least it comes with a tutorial that’ll have you typing twice as fast within an hour.


Check it out here. And yeah, watch out, their website seems to be very slow. Story VIA TUAW.


  1. Nice design and attractive colors, but I see a problem with learning the lay of that keyboard and then using the standard qwert at work or on campus, or on a laptop if you don’t want to bring an extra keyboard around with you. Sure a better keyboard would be great, but the time it takes to get use to qwert is would seem like time wasted.