The Bubble Head Concept Redefines WebCams


bubble head webcam

By David Ponce

There’s no reason that webcams have to look like some ugly mechanical thing you stuck on your desk somewhere just because you had to. Nor is it even necessary to hide them altogether, the way Apple has. We vote for getting a little whimsical, and turning them into something like the Bubble Head. The cam itself is mounted into the head, while the body contains a copper skeleton and is covered in durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This means you can reconfigure the little guy any which way you want, and integrate him into your environment, as if he was really meant to be there; hang him on your screen, sit him on your books or make him climb the included ladder.

As a final design touch, LEDs were integrated on the circumference of the cam, serving a dual purpose as a clock that syncs with system time even when not in use.

Unfortunately for us, Bubble Head is still at the prototype stage. It was designed by one Eric Zhang, and there seems to have been a few prototypes made, although there’s no appearance of mass production just yet. If ever.

If you like pictures though, keep reading, cause we included a whole bunch.

bubble head webcam

bubble head webcam

bubble head webcam

bubble head webcam

bubble head webcam

bubble head webcam

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  1. Finally a web cam that doesnt just sit there and stare at you and take up a lot of space. Now how about making a new kind of mouse that would go well with the cam. Looking forward to seeing it soon in Canada at I hope a decent price. Would like to be your Canadian source to buy from, get back to me if you can.

  2. I’d definately buy it. I recognize that little character too.. anyone know where it’s from, or the one I’m thinking of is?

  3. That’s excellent, stop trying to hide it all together and just make it blend it in. They should make other similar types – for people who don’t want an alien.

  4. It occurs to me that the little ‘minion’ robots in the Megaman Zero games would look just right when converted to Bubbleheads. I’d definitely buy one of them for my Windows machine.

  5. I want. This is great. I can think of so many clever things I can do with it, and getting it in just the right position for height and angle will make much more sense than sitting my normal webcam on some stack of random items I had to accumulate under it to get it just right. Now I could make this guy look like he had assembled the random stack of items and then climbed on top of it.

  6. It’s all fantastic, but the documentation where it says PCB Board should just be PCB, as PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. The only niggle in an otherwise flawless presentation.

    Are they actual product shots or just renders? They’re quite good renders if they’re not photos!

  7. This is a great idea there definatly is a market for this product, the quicker you turn this idea into a reality the better.
    Maybe the next instalment should be speakers? something that the little guy can look like it is interacting with? that would be impressive. well done and good luck for the future im looking very forward to what you develop this idea into!


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  9. We have purchased the design from Eric and have manufactured the bubblehead webcam. Look out it’ll be appearing in a store near you in the next month 🙂

  10. Hi Discman,

    I realise this is a late mail but we have purchased and manufactured the Bubblehead web cam from Eric. If you're still interested in supplying we can send out some free samples for you to take a look at. Let us know

    Many Thanks

    Andrew Lamb
    0044 (0) 208 810 9002