By David Ponce

Ok… so this one is very cool. It’s hard to believe it’s an actual product you can buy, yet it is.

Let’s say you’re some important dude, who’s got this need to keep track of some basic information, such as stock market trends, the weather forecast or even the time to your next appointment. And, let’s also say you’ve got this thing for analog displays. Well, the Executive Dashboard from Ambient Devices allows you to do all that and more.

A quiet interface that avoids the buzzing of cellphones and the complicated interfaces of computers, the Executive Dashboard provides the flexibility of digital information with the simplicity of analog displays. Easy-to-swap faces allow you to track information that’s relevant to you: A countdown to your next sales meeting, the number of emails waiting for you, or how the market is doing.

What’s great about it, is that

thanks to unique patent-pending wireless broadcasting, users can tune in to basic channels and never pay any monthly fees. And since the Ambient Information Network has the best coverage of any data network, virtually everywhere you can get a cell phone signal, and many places you can’t, your Dashboard can listen in to your information. No computer, WiFi, or internet accounts required.

How great is that? A nice little $150 will get it and you can check it out here. Story VIA The Techwear Weblog.


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    Moe van al die toeters en bellen? Wil je een eenvoudig overzicht van de belangrijke zaken in je leven, zonder daarvoor tien handelingen te verrichten? Richt dan je blik eens op het Executive Dashboard van Ambient Devices. Dit dashboard is…