By David Ponce

While we’re on the topic of P2P, let me introduce the Lamabox, the first home entertainment media player that comes preloaded with P2P software, allowing you to download directly off services like BitTorrent, Kazaa and Gnutella. The stuff goes on to hard drive, of which you can mount up to three per box (at 500GB each). Some units even come with DVD burners, should you run out of space on your 1.5TB.

Now, don’t get he wrong. The units already come with hard drives, only you have the option of adding more. There are three models: the 400 (40GB HD), 420 (40GB HD + DVD Burner), and 820 (200GB HD + DVD Burner). Prices range from $320 to $560.

[Lamabox] VIA [I4U]