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media tank

By David Ponce

I don’t wanna hurt its feelings, but the Media Tank is one chunky MoFo. At 245mm X 176mm X 83mm and 695g, this external media reader will pretty much negate whatever space savings you might have accomplished by purchasing an LCD screen. Still, if having a machine that reads most of the digital media you own, regardless of the format, means that it’s got to be a little chubby, then so be it.

The Media Tank comes with a DVD burner, a 3.5 HDD (Hard Disk Drive, not included), and a 6-in-1 card reader (CF I/II, MD, SD, MMC, MS/MS PRO). It even packs its own fan! It sits on your desk and connects to your PC via USB 2.0

Starts at around ?150.

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  1. The Media Tank External Media Reader…

    Probably the next best thing to having a Sherman on your desk, the Media Tank from ATMT is an external media reader that reads pretty much anything you throw at it. Firstly, let’s not ignore its size: the Media Tank……

  2. So I put my 1.44mb floppy in…yeah…
    Not that I use floppies, other than for my sneaker-net at work, but if your going to call it a “Media Tank”… then it should at least accomodate media that many computers can produce, albeit outdated.

    Also, why not a 2.5” HDD and slim notebook DVD-Writer? It could be half the size/weight and still have a floppy drive…

    They can call the big one a Tiger II and the small/light one a Sherman…