By David Ponce

Stuck somewhere between a full fledged laptop and an oversized PDA, the Pepperpad (aka the Wireless Pad) from the interestingly named company Pepper Computer, is aimed at the consumer looking for something more substantial than the quick and dirty Palm experience, yet disinterested in the commitment and emotional involvement of a laptop.

Billed as a portable Internet Computer of sorts, it comes with Wifi, IR and Bluetooth, and all sorts of pretty chat clients and what not. Of course, I’m unclear as to what OS it’s running, exactly, but that’s probably because I don’t know how to read. (wait… I think I spotted Linux somewhere in there…) Weighing in at a rather noticeable 2.3 lbs, the pad packs an interesting mix of features, all of which will be nicely listed, inside.

Out here you get the price: $850.


* Intel XScale PXA270 (624 MHz)


* 8.4″ 800×600 SVGA TFT LCD
* Intel 2700G 2D/3D/MPEG multimedia accelerator
* 16 MB video RAM
* Composite video out jack (NTSC/PAL)


* 256 MB SDRAM
* 16 MB Intel StrataFlash ROM


* 20 GB 1.8″ disk drive (ATA)


* 3.6Ah Lithium ION rechargeable battery
* 5V / 3A (15W) AC power adapter


* E-mail, Web Browsing, AOL® Instant Messaging™, Journal, Internet Radio, Remote Control
* Music, Photo & Video Libraries (MP3, JPG, PNG, GIF, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX)
* Linux 2.4 (MontaVista™ CEE 3.1)
* Java 2, Mozilla® with Macromedia® Flash™
* Customizable & extensible user experience available in English, Korean and other languages upon request.

Wi-Fi® Wireless LAN

* 802.11b
* WEP, WPA-Personal

Wireless Peripherals

* Bluetooth® device support
* Dual IR emitters and IR receiver

Wired Peripherals

* USB 1.1 Client/Host

Expansion Slots

* SD/MMC card


* 20-bit stereo CODEC
* Stereo speakers and headphone jack
* Built-in microphone and jack
* Stereo line out jack

User Input

* Resistive touch screen with stylus
* Full split back lit QWERTY keypad
* 4-way game direction-pad
* Scroll wheel


* Rugged and splash resistant
* 12.1″ x 6.6″ x 0.8″ (309 x 175 x 20mm)
* 2.3 lbs (1043 grams)

The website is right here.


  1. This, or a tablet, is what I want sitting on my coffee table. When I want to look stuff up while watching the tube or reading I wouldn’t have to get up, go to the computer and spend time there. The computer could stay in a dark dingy corner of the room for word processing and gaming and this type of unit would be in reach for web and e-mail.