The Redefine Form Hanger


By David Ponce

Some of the more adventurous computer-bound urbanites actually like get up sometimes, and travel. Such travel will sometimes take you to harshly inhospitable places. Places that may, for instance, have no hangers handy for you to, well, to hang your clothes on. Well, with the “Redefine Form” hanger, designed by Wieszak Skladany for Osika Design, you’ll be able to show all the natives just how much style you’ve got.

The beauty of its design is pretty self-explanatory… however, in the somewhat unlikely case that you’ve visually challenged, just know that it’s a hanger that collapses on itself for easy travel storage, and smartly folds out to wield a fully-functioning, er, hanger.

As most such things designy, price is a Purple People Eater. Visit the site here. Story VIA Productdose.

Update: Thanks to Mark, in the comment section, we learn that Wieszak Skladany means “Folding Hanger” in Polish, and thus not a name at all. See, this is why we have readers. Thanks Mark.