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The Redesigned Airplane Food Cart

By David Ponce

You’ve traveled, right? I mean, in an airplane. No? You really should. The food is great. I mean that. It’s not what it used to be.

When you do, you’ll notice one thing that hasn’t changed: that clunky, fugly little food cart. The stewards (What are they called now? Pursers?) push’em up and down the aisles, and you have to be Calista Flockhart to get past one. Not to mention they’re ugly. And clunky.

Did I mention ugly?

Well, the poople at Jens Andersson are reinventing the airplane food cart.

The project brings Scandinavian values to the traditional nondescript food cart. A closer look will reveal a substantial consideration for the cabin crew’s ergonomics as the motorised cart wheels relieve strenuous pulling and pushing and a secondary motor raises the food boxes to eliminate the need to bend down while retrieving food.

Not to mention, the thing is slimmer, and sleeker and, well, not as much of an eyesore any longer.

Not sure how close to commercial product it is, or whether any airline has expressed interest in purchasing some, but there you have it. Visit the site, again. Story VIA Yanko Design.