nullI try not to dwell for too long on items that aren’t in production yet. Readers enjoy buying things they like, see… But sometimes, great design goes unproduced, stashed away in the minds of frustrated designers. I don’t know if this guy is frustrated or not, but Daniel Fallman has made a nifty little contraption that could show some promise.

It’s a pointing device for your iPaq, integrated into the said iPad. Though presumably, this could be made for any PDA. What it does it convert the underside of the PDA into an optical mouse. So, uh, you attach the thing to the back of the PDA, and you can then use the PDA/attachment as a mouse… for the PDA.

I hope it makes sense.

I can definately see major manufacturers including this as standard functionality in future PDA’s, and not giving Daniel a penny for his efforts.

Isn’t life grand?

His website is here. Story VIA Pasta and Vinegar.