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The United Keys 205PRO

By Maximillian Hill

Ever want to change those pesky internet access keys on your keyboard so they do something useful?

Well now you can. You can customize the pictures on the keys with the United Keys’ 205PRO LCD Keyboard. That’s right, a little like the Optimus keyboard from a while back, this keyboard has keys with embedded LCDs (not OLEDs, like the Optimus). and software so you can design your own icons. It’s not all the keys, and it’s monochrome, so you know, don’t get all weepy or anything, but at least you can actually own one soon.

It’ll start shipping in the first quarter of 2006 for just $299. Pre-order it now and get it for $199.

Here‘s a link to the site that first broke this story, with a bunch of higher res pictures. Story VIA Ubergizmo.