By David Ponce

Your body is not all created equal. Your stinking armpits get a lot hotter than, say, your kneecap, which in turn is likely to idle at a different temperature than your groin or your chest. Enter the revolutionary X-Undergear, contextually thermosensitive undergarments.

Of course, by contextually, I don’t mean contextually at all. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say, at least not in an elegant way. So. The garment, through use of new and patented 37┬░CCR-Technology, gets hot when you’re cold and cold when you’re hot. From my very limited understanding of it, it’s some sort of body suit that will redistribute excess heat from one part of the body (that has too much of it) to another (that needs it).

Very poopoo indeed. Read more here. Story VIA Yanko Design.


  1. […] A while back, we came across the X-Undergear. It is now being sold in the US as X-UnderWear. It was very high-tech underwear for people who do sports. People who sweat. People who like to do their exercises vigorously, and at the right body temperature. Specifically, the stuff claimed to keep you cool when you were getting hot, and warm when you were getting a little chilly. The website was and still is chock full of more technological terms than you can shake a green laser beam at. […]