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Topeak’s Bikamper, The Perfect Mountain Biker Companion

If you fancy going places with your mountain bike and you like camping, why not then just use your bike as the structure for your tent? Makes sense, no? Simply detach the wheel (it’s made specifically for 26″ wheels) and plop it in at one end. Then, use the rest of your bike as the structure for the other side. Just like that, you have yourself a one man tent.

The canopy of the Bikamper is constructed of durable, waterproof coated 45D ripstop nylon and features three mesh windows for ventilation and stargazing on pleasant nights. The Bikamper fly is constructed of fully waterproofed 70D ripstop nylon to offer an additional layer of protection. Both tent and fly pack down to a small, space saving size.

Prices were hard to find, but some digging produced this Australian online store that sells it for $349 (I don’t know what kind of dollars those are though) and another one lets it go for £143.99, which is about $260 (USD this time).

Story VIA The Cool Hunter.