By Shane McGlaun

Transformers were some of my favorite toys when I was a kid. I had lots of them, though my brother tended to break them because he was a goober and couldn’t transform them correctly. With the new feature films, the latest of which is due out this summer, new Transformers toys are hitting the market.

The cool part is that several of the new transforming devices are actually functional. Take this Qosmio netbook transformer. The thing turns into the Decepticon Soundwave, which is a bad choice, he was like the bastard Transformer in my book. Turning into a tape player just isn’t cool.

What is even stranger is a Transformer that originally turned into a tape player now turns into a Qosmio netbook. The robot is functional though acting as neither a netbook nor a tape player. The thing is a four-port USB hub. You can get your own for about 5,775 yen if you are inclined to import one.

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