TripleHead2Go Now Shipping


triple head2go

By David Ponce

A long time ago, we posted about Matrox’s DualHead2Go, a device that allowed you to split your single display in two, giving you twice the real estate. Well, time marches on, and Matrox just announced that not the Dual, but the TripleHead2Go is now shipping. So, yeah, you got that. With this $300 device, you can add up to three screens to your system, even if it supports only one.

In other words, if you added three 19 inch LCDs to your setup, you’d get a whopping 45″ of total diagonal real estate. That’s a resolution of up to 3840×1024, and you kind of have to hope that your graphics card is up to the challenge.

The nice thing is that, realising the potential, many game manufacturers are now working with Matrox to ensure that they can take advantage of the device. Until now, there are 135 working titles, including World of Warcraft? by Blizzard Entertainment, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast?
by Sierra and Valve, and Unreal Tournament 2004? by Epic Games.

They’re calling it Surround Gaming, and all I can think of is: when can I expect to see QuintupleHead2Go?



  1. I?d rather see a flexible LCD screen and a stand to wrap it around your viewing area. That way you have one continues display arch. I?d spend around 1k for something like that.