You and I and the mailman all have a point in common: our iPod headphones’ wires tangle all the time. It’s just the way things are. Of course, they don’t have to be, and Tunewear has a relatively cheap, if not altogether new, solution to this little problem.

The Tuneclip is a simple $10 plastic reel around which you wind your cable. Once you’ve wound as much as you want, tuck it in the stopper and you’re good to go. There’s a clip at the back so you can fasten it to wherever it is you fancy a two inch plastic see-through ring will look stylish.

The company website is here. Story VIA TUAW.


  1. if you’re a solder-loving geek (admit it, you know you are) you can do this much more cheaply by winding your headphones around an old solder wick container and closing it when you’ve gotten the headphones the length you want em. neat product tho.