LP Snack Tray (Image courtesy UncommonGoods)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re considered the local audiohpile and are thinking of throwing a party these recycled LP Snack Trays might be the perfect accessory. (Though some audiophiles may cringe at the site of these LPs that have been ‘repurposed.’)

Made from actual 12-inch vinyl records, New York artist Jeff Davis first laminates the LP to protect it against moisture or damage, then presses them into a tray shape designed to hold chips, popcorn or other party-friendly snacks. Understandably they’re not recommended for serving liquids or hot items.

The LP Snack Tray is available for $26 from UncommonGoods who also sell LP Bowls ($26) and LP Coasters (6 for $20).

[LP Snack Tray] VIA [Productdose]