Wallet Essentials (Images courtesy Gadget Storm)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve all seen the occasional massive wallet some people carry around as a personal filing cabinet, but why stop there? With the Wallet Essentials from designers ‘Touch of Ginger’ your wallet can now store a wide range of useful tools too.

Each piece in the Wallet Essentials collection is made of metal and is exactly the size of a standard credit card allowing a perfect fit in any wallet. Currently available are a bottle opener, ice scraper, shot dice, metric wrench, photo frame, comb and of course the popular cufflinks not pictured here. The photo frame seems a bit odd to me as photos are already pretty thin and I think the shot dice are designed for emergency use only since it’s probably not that easy to pound them flat again.

The Wallet Essentials are available from UK based Gadget Storm for ?7.50 each. (About $15 US.)

[Wallet Essentials VIA Gadget Storm]


  1. Staal voor in je portomonee…

    De Wallet Essentials is een verzameling metalen plaatjes op creditcard formaat, elk met een andere functie. Zo is er de kam, de flessenopener, de ijsschraper, de fotolijst, de dobbelsteen en moersleutelset voor 6 tot 14 milimeter moeren. Ze passen vanw…