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We Have A Winner!

By David Ponce

There are a lot of updates today. That’s because we had to pick a winner for the ThinkGeek Contest, and to give everyone a fair chance, we did a lot of publishing. There were a lot of good entries and it was a tight race until the end.

The three main contenders were Jennifer, Maximillian Hill and John, who arrived a little late in the game, but must have sent in as many entries in a week as I write in three. John, my man, you played catch up, and you won. You’ll be hearing from me soon.

As for the runners-up, Jennifer and Max, don’t think that your efforts were wasted. I have some things in store for you, and know that dedication and hard work doesn’t go unrecognised around these parts. I’ll be in touch shortly.

And thank you to everyone who participated. There is yet another contest in the works. This one won’t involve you having to do so much work, so stay tuned.