World’s Largest CPU Cooler


By David Ponce

Developed with the help of the British Aerospace wind tunnel engineers, the “Big Boy Turbo Mega Fan 2” aka CNPS9500 LED, from Zalman is one badass CPU cooler. Drawing a massive 1400W of power, it comes with instructions on how to daisychain five 300W power supplies to feed it and apparently requires “starter cartridges” to get it spinning in the first place, though I can’t find confirmation of these specs on the product page.

Whatever the case, this is one serious cooler for y’all crackhead overclockers and Intel purchasers out there.

[Zalman USA (go to “Products” then “Coolers” then “CNPS9500 LED”)] VIA [Digg]

Update: Ok, so this whole writeup is, uh, crap. See, our fact checking department is on strike (the little bastards!), and as it turns out, the fan you see is a 3:1 mockup of the real thing. What’s more, it draws only 6W of power. And just like that, it’s not so interesting anymore.


  1. […] I’ve been looking for alternative cooling solutions for my home PC for a while now, as it runs pretty hot. However, most of the ones that I see are water-based, and I’m a little leery of putting anything that uses liquid that close to $3,000 worth of computer equipment. So today when I stumbled across this monstrosity, I caught myself thinking (briefly!), “Hey! Looks like Zalman might be able to help me out!” Part of what changed my mind: “Drawing a massive 1400W of power, it comes with instructions on how to daisychain five 300W power supplies to feed it and apparently requires ’starter cartridges’ to get it spinning in the first place…” […]

  2. From the Zalman website about Computex 2005 exhibition.

    ” Sang-Jun Jeong, the chief Thermal Engineer and developer of the
    CNPS9500 LED, set up a giant model of the CNPS9500 LED on the
    most visible area of the booth. In addition to the halogen lights that
    we had brought, we had the interior contractors install additional
    lighting in order to create a clean view of the giant CNPS9500 LED.

    The giant CNPS9500 LED’s visible placement was a success
    because Zalman booth was located on one of the main hallways.
    The brightly lit model and the samples rotating slowly on the table
    were eye-catchers for many visitors.”

  3. The starter cartridges mentioned above do exist, but for a slightly larger fan.

    The fan which used these cartridges was seen in the movie “The Flight of the Phoenix”, and the Coffman cartridge system is documented in a page here: . That fan (Rolls-Royce engine mated to a large propeller) was used on the British Spitfire fighter flown in WWII.

    The Zalman cooler, on the other hand, is larger than many other CPU coolers, out-performing them due to the better heat-exchanging properties of their design. It’s not big enough to need a Coffman starter, and draws a max of six watts at five volts.


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  5. Just surfing along and I came across this. Had to laugh because I actually installed one (a real CNPS9500 LED, that is) in my machine last night. I love it! It’s cooled my machine and processor down 15 deg. It really is a well-engineered heatsink/fan.

  6. ALL of the heatsink designs out there for CPUs R totally retarded. Just put a copper rod directly on the CPU @ 90 degrees, & put a bunch of copper fins on it, & it will cool naturally via convection with no need 4 a fan. Same goes 4 PC power supplies. There are DC ones available – horribly overpriced (about $100), but U can just run your whole PC off a wee DC jack & wall wart. ALL of these ‘advanced coolers’ & ‘advanced power supplies’ are SCAMS! It’s interesting now how ‘multimedia appliances’ like the PS3 & toys from router makers like D-Link & whatnot outperform many PCs – certainly the PS3 wipes the floor with any PC regardless of price. It’s all a waste of money guys – this huge cooler, overpriced CPUs – & still about 1/6 the speed at best compared 2 a PS3. STOP WASTING YOUR $$$!!!

  7. Oh & the PS3, even though it does about 6X more speed than ANY PC, doesn’t even have a heatsink on the CPU, let alone a fan! HAHAHAHA – U C people, U aren’t really running ‘XGhz CPUs’ – U R running JUNK the manufactures LIE about & say ‘sure, U can overclock the hell out of this old obsolete design – HAHAHA – we’ll tell people it just requires a better cooler! HAHAHAHAHA – SUCKERS!!!’ – like when they sell U a 3Ghz, it’s really a 1.5, just overclocked 2 hell & needs an effing’ jet engine or dry ice on it just 2 run reliably. Get a PS3 =:-) Better yet, run Windows95, the very first version B 4 they crippled it with IE. It’s about 20X faster than XP, & about 6X faster than Vista. Don’t believe me? Try it! It also doesn’t crash like even Vista ‘ultimate’ does. It was not DESIGNED 2 crash. U C, Micro$cam PURPOSELY cripples their stuff, 2 drive people 2 different versions. “Oh U wanna serve files? U gotta get ‘Advanced server2003” whatever – never mind the shell from the first 95 is even FASTER & doesn’t cost U $700-$3,000 like these overpriced, overcomplicate, full of backdoors 2 big brother OSes :)) It’s all a SCAM!! WAKE UP WAKE UP PEOPLE! A single copper rod, with a baseplate, & fins – no fan, no jack – something like used in air conditioning. How simple is that? Nobody does it, because all these ‘engineers’ are retarded &/or just looking 4 scams, as well as purposely crippling their own lines so as 2 ‘upgrade’ sell ‘new improved’ versions later. U pepole R so dense 2 not notice this – it’s all lies.

  8. That guy above is an idiot. OSes I belive him about that but thats beside the bloody point… the processors (3Ghz, it’s really a 1.5 overclocked) is absouloute bullshit if that were the case there would be such thing 6 ghz 16core 256bit processer powered by the his mums ice cold goat milk that sucked at 25, 000 Teraflops a second to process the sheer ingnorance that is his brian