World’s smallest 8GB USB flash drive


8gbflashdriveI have a friend that recently travelled abroad (because, you know, they have everything “abroad”). His goal for the trip was to come back with a flash drive. If I’m not mistaken, the fruit of his efforts was a blue 512MB dongle. Well, if you ask me, he should have waited just a little, and uh, made that “abroad” Japan.

Company Solid Alliance has announced the world’s smallest 8GB USB flash drive, to be released mid-2005. The 4GB and 2GB models are already on sale since Feb. 7, and they’re all compatible with Windows ME/2000/XP.

The amazing thing is that it’s just as small as a regular flash drive… And has twice as much storage as an iPod Mini.

It’s funny how the iPods are becoming measuring sticks for just about anything, huh?

Check it out.