Zocker Toys 3D Pool Game Table (Image courtesy Growing Tree Toys website)By Andrew Liszewski

Mainly aimed at the pint-sized hustlers out there, the Zocker 3D Pool Table will definitely force them to rethink their game.

Since the table is made up of 3 different levels, it challenges players to think both horizontally and vertically, with more emphasis on planning their shots. The first player to get their balls to the bottom wins, but since the corner ‘pockets’ allow the balls to travel both up and down between levels, the game requires a bit more skill and strategy to get them all down there.

The Zocker Toys 3D Pool Game Table is available for $115.99 from Growing Tree Toys.

[Zocker Toys 3D Pool Game Table] VIA [My Ideal Blog]


  1. Zocker Toys 3D Pool Table

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