3D Gaming Phone
Games in cellphones, from personal experience, suck. I’ve had high hopes with every new handset, and was always let down. Perhaps the fact that my all-time favorite cellphone game is still “Snake” is a good indication of how bad things are. Well, in Canada at least. See, we don’t really get anything here. But that’s beside the point. The point is that companies are still trying to add gaming functionality to cellphones, and some are quite serious about it. Like LG.

They claim to have developped the world’s fastest 3D phone. The specs actually sound sort of interesting for a phone. It’s a clamshell that opens up to a 2.2inch, QVGA-class (320X240) LCD screen. It’s powered by a mobile GPU capable of 1 million polygon/second. That’s 5 times more than anyone else. It’s also equipped with motion sensors, presumably adding to the gaming experience. They also threw in a 1.3megapixel camera, for good measure.

Sounds juicy, except that of course the juice pretty much stays in Korea. LG is saying that maybe after 6 months or so, they might market it here, as a “high-priced, premium product.”


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