By David Ponce

You can bet your right kidney that florists the world over are scrambling over themselves to place an order on this here item as we speak. It’s a very special printer that prints… on flowers. That’s right. It uses some sort of unknown magical process to print any custom image on the delicate petals of any flower.

The unit is large, at 17.4″ X 11.6″ X 10.7″ and 25lbs. And it comes with “5 bottles of preparing oil”. I’m not sure what this means. Do the flowers have to be prepared? Or is the oil for the machine?

So many questions, so few answers. Nevertheless, there you have it. A $1,250 flower printer.

[Compact Impact’s Flower Printer] VIA [The Raw Feed]


  1. Hello Dear Mr. David Ponce,
    I got an information about your products by internet and liked it. But the flower printer is interested me most of all. And I would like to ask some questions about this printer. Please, answer my questions.
    First of all, I want to know about functions, instructions of this printer and its catridges (how long times these catridges can work).
    And I want you to know that I live in Azerbaijan, and this printer isn’t used here yet. That’s why I believe that we can make a successuful business relations with you. Please give me an information about the price and delivery terms taking into account that the way is long.
    I wait for your answer for a short time and thank you beforehand.

    Best regards,
    Mr. Aliyev F.

  2. Can you please e-mail me the features and benfits of this printer? What ink is being used? and how can i purchase it?
    Hope to recieve a reply from you soon..