ohgizmo ascii

By David Ponce

If you’re above 15 years of age, you probably remember ASCII art. I, for one, was convinced that there were people with tremendous amounts of free time on their hands, who spent countless hours pecking away at their keyboards to create these so-called masterpieces. With age came wisdom, and I’m now convinced they must have had the help of some software of other.

Well, there’s a website out there who’s taken this software, and packaged it into a nice interface for you to explore. It’s called Typorganism, and they have various projects, one of which is the ASCII-O-Matic. You can even upload your own picture, though it has to be 50px by 60px, which sort of sucks. But still, loads of fun to have.

The website itself is rather fascinating. Give it a look, it’ll be worth your while.

[ASCII-O-Matic] VIA [Del.icio.us]

Also, [Typorganism Site]